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A Selection of Signatures from the Online Petition

July 8, 2012

The online petition demanding the unconditional release of the Hunza Five continues to grow.

We thought it would be interesting to share some of the messages left by their supporters:

Shahram Azhar, 7-May-12

The unlawful, inhumane and unjust incarceration of these activists must be immediately brought to an end!

Beena Sarwar, 7-May-12

It is unacceptable to treat civilian protestors in this way. When are the Pakistani police going to learn that abusing human rights is not the way to control crime and violence?

Bruce Valde, 8-May-12

IWW Bay Area has sent a letter to Pakistan Consulate demanding release of the five prisoners.

Bilal Anwar, 8-May-12

Freedom to protest is a right sacred to all humans, do not let authorities trample over this right. Free Baba Jan

A H Nayyar, 8-May-12

The state of Pakistan in these times of democratic governance has become more brutal than ever before. Never before did we see so many abductions, deaths in custody, tortures as we do now.

K Niaz, 8-May-12

In the name of justice and humanity please do something. For how long will we continue to see such atrocities committed on people who raise their voices against tyranny.

Dieter Elken, writer and activist, 8-May-12

I will translate the text of the petition into German

Manzoor, 8-May-12

The way Pakistani Govt treating Baba Jaan make him a leader and if he will be beaten so much youth of GB can start violent protest he must be released before it’s too late.

Senge Sering, 8-May-12

I represent Gilgit Baltistan National Congress and demand Pakistani government to immediately release Babajan and other political activists currently detained in Gilgit jails. I request the UNO to persuade Pakistan to ensure freedom of political activity and expression in Gilgit Baltistan. As a UN declared disputed area, UNO has direct responsibility towards safety and wellbeing of the people of this deprived area.

Tanveer Ahmed, 9-May-12

I apologise on behalf of Kashmiris (who talk about the rights of 84,471 sq. m of J&K territory) for not addressing this issue yet. Meanwhile, many thanks to activists in Pakistan and elsewhere who’ve highlighted this activists’ detention. I think a delegation of civil society activists should arrange to meet the ‘Powers That Be’ in Pakistan and secure his release. Knowing this case, he will not be released without civil society intervention.

Muhammad Ali Jan, 9-May-12

Release him immediately. The regime claims to be free from political prisoners – clearly, it only means prisoners from mainstream parties and Punjab and Sindh. Baloch, Hazara, people of Gilgit Baltishtan can of course be tortured at will.

Syed Ahsan Ali, 10-May-12

It’s a shame that no one ever is a leader unless having had such cruel suffering at the hands of those in power.

Selma James, 10-May-12

An injury to one is an injury to all internationally

Tehseen Ali Rana, Balawaristan National Students Organization, 11-May-12

We Condemn the arrest and demand for the urgent release of Leader of Youth , PYF, and LAbouure party, Baba Jan. He is the voice of suppressed people of Gilgit-Baltistan. Long Live Baba Jaan V r with You

Qazafi Qaisrani Baloch, 14-May-12

Govt. of pakistan should publish the judicial inquiry into killing of Mr. Afzal and his father Sher Ullah Baig. Baba jan is political worker and should be treated as political prisoner.

budi wardoyo, 14-May-12

I am from Indonesia, member of People’s Liberation Party (Partai Pembebasan Rakyat) and member of Joint Labour Secretariat (sekretariat bersama buruh).

Asim Saeed, 15-May-12

I’m one of the affectees of Atabad lake disaster and I know very well that how the incumbent government has treated us so far. Baba Jan is our hero and he should be released from prision.

Jimmy Kelly, 7-Jun-12

The brutality of persons trusted with the authority of ‘guardians of peace’ who abuse this trust by sickening violence and torture is shameful. How little do they forget that “we were only following orders” was rejected as a defense by their mentors, – the nazis, before they swung from gallows for their crimes. Their bosses could not save them, the bankers, factory owners, their generals and big estate owners that they tortured for let them swing……… and walked away to make more profits. The workers and activists of labour in Pakistan are not alone, a world of their brothers and sisters are watching and demanding their freedom and justice!

Liaqat, 10-Jun-12

I strongly condemn the arrest of the peaceful people of Hunza valley on the basis of false allegation of terrorism act. those people who were arrested were supporting those innocent lives who were killed by the local police of the Gilgit-Balitistan on the arrival of Chief minister Mehdi shah. i request and urge the Government of Pakistan and the Interior Ministry to take action for freeing the five arrested persons on false allegation.

Rezistans ek Alternativ, 16-Jun-12

We boldly support the call to liberate the Hunza Five. We say NO TO AUTHORITARIAN practice and we call on the Pakistani government to stop all violations of citizens’ fundamental right to be active in politics and in the labour movement. We strongly believe that another Pakistan is necessary where there are guaranteed fundamental Human Rights: right to freedom of association, right to freedom of conscience, freedom of movement. Veena Dholah

Noor Muhammad, 26-Jun-12

Release him sooner. You cannot keep an innocent person in jail forever. Even Nelson Mandela came out after spending 28 years in there!

Anthony Gleeson, 26-Jun-12

Is it so wrong for people to speak out against injustice? What have these climate activists done which deserves such treatment. Evil flourishes when good people do nothing – Albert Einstein

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  1. Aziz permalink
    July 8, 2012 8:41 pm

    Instead of punishing the the people responsible for the murder of two innocent lives law enforcement agencies jailed the people who asked for justice.Shameful government should immediately release BABA JAN and other Leaders.

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