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Baba Jan taken away to unknown location

July 23, 2012

GILGIT: Labour Party Pakistan leader Baba Jan has reportedly been picked up by security agencies from the central jail of Gilgit and taken to an undisclosed location, it has been learnt. Sources said the jailed political activist had been implicated in yet another case of revolting inside the jail. He was allegedly taken away from the jail cell by a joint investigation team of police and other law enforcing agencies. It may be recalled that a few days back, security agencies tried to kidnap Baba Jan from the jail but due to resistance by the jail inmates, they failed in their bid. At that time, the Labour Party condemned the police bid to take away Baba Jan and his colleague Iftikhar Hussain from the central jail in the Gilgit city. The Labour Party in reaction to the police bid had issued a press statement strongly condemning the move. In the release, secretary general of the party, Younus Rahu said the police party reached inside the jail and tried to whisk away the two imprisoned Labour Party leaders. However, other prisoners resisted the move due to which the police went back. He said his party would raise the issue at all available forums to provide justice to the political prisoners. It may be noted that earlier too Baba Jan and his colleagues were picked from the jail and transferred to some unknown place where they were tortured by the police and other law enforcing agencies personnel. Baba Jan was put behind bars after he led a protest demonstration against the government’s failure to rehabilitate the displaced people of Attabad lake. He was implicated in an anti-terrorism case and when the court of law acquitted him from the charges the local administration of Hunza again registered another baseless case against him. Since his arrest last year, the administration ahs been harassing and threatening him of dire consequences. Meanwhile, the Progressive Youth Front has warned that if Baba Jan was kept in detention its consequences would be disastrous for the regime. Talking to the media in Gilgit, PYF leader Comrade Rizwan said Baba Jan was a political activist. He is neither a terrorist not has ever indulged in negative politics. Due to differences of opinion, the Mehdi Shah regime has got baseless cases registered against him so that he remains in jail and the rulers go scot-free in their corrupt practices.

Source: Daily Bang

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