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Trapped in Jutial Jail in Gilgit, Baba Jan risks being tortured by state agents

July 19, 2012

Today, the Joint Investigation Team, consisting of police and intelligence officials, came to Jutial Jail, Gilgit, where Baba Jan is being held, in order to take him into their custody.

Fearing that the team had not actually obtained judicial remand from the Anti-Terrorist Court, which would authorise them to take custody of Baba Jan, and further, fearing that the intention would be torture – either as a last-ditch attempt to extract a confession from Baba Jan or as a vindictive expression of their frustration at not being able to break him so far – ordinary prisoners rose up in solidarity with Baba Jan and resisted the attempts of the team to shift Baba Jan out of the prison.

The team had to give up but they are expected to return in a few days.

Later in the evening, however, we heard that there was a real danger that state agents might try to abduct Baba Jan under cover of night and, as in the previous two instances, considering themselves above the law, subject Baba Jan to torture.

The Free Baba Jan Committee strongly condemns any such intention on the part of the authorities and demands that the judiciary of Gilgit-Baltistan play a more vigilant role to avoid a repeat of the previous instances of violations of Baba Jan’s basic rights.

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