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The state plumbs new depths

June 29, 2012

Dear all,

 The Gilgit authorities has become vicious against Baba Jan. Today, when Advocate Ehsan Ali went to the magistrate in Gilgit for the bail application of Baba Jan in the newest case registered against him for rioting inside jail, he was told by the public prosecutor that the magistrate cannot hear this case. He told the court that police has now inserted charges under the Anti-Terrorist Act (7ATA) against Baba Jan along with other charges. The case has to heard by an anti terrorist court.
In this case, Baba Jan and other prisoners are charged to incite violence inside the jail, an allegation absolutely contrary to the fact.
Ehsan Ali told me that police has included the infamous 7 ATA two days earlier in the charge sheet when they heard that Baba Jan had been granted bail in the main case. Ehsan informed that the local administration is hostage in the hands of the state intelligence agencies. This new act of revenge and sheer state gangsterism has been carried out on the instructions of the intelligence agencies. He was sure earlier that Baba Jan would be granted bail today. But the inclusion of charges under 7 ATA means that it will be another lengthy trial for Baba Jan.
It is now been made absolutely clear that the state is too afraid of a free Baba Jan. They want to keep him in jail. The inclusion of 7 ATA several weeks after the registration of the original FIR is an act of desperation by the state.
Today we have received copies of the different letters from the ministry of Human Rights where we see that the Adviser to Prime Minister Mr. Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar has been regularly writing to the Gilgit authorities about his concern of human rights violations regarding the Aliabad incident of August 2011. It seems that the Gilgit authorities have become very personal against Baba Jan.
Labour Party Pakistan will not give up. The struggle needs to continue, the mass rally in Islamabad by LPP on 6th July will witness thousands protesting against these new acts of personal vendetta against Baba Jan.
Lets organise demonstration everywhere during the week of action in Pakistan from 27th June to 4th July. We ask our international friends to continue the actions for the release of Baba Jan.
We had half a victory. We are now witnessing another state repression against LPP comrades. It will not go very far. We are ready to face this repression also.
In a lead story, published in Bang-e-Sahar, a local news paper of Gilgit, Baba Jan was quoted as saying yesterday before this new act of repression, , “it does not matter, if I am out or inside, our struggle for the liberation of the working class and oppressed nations will continue”
LPP agrees, the struggle to continue, let us defeat this latest attempt at state repression.
Farooq Tariq
member LPP Federal Executive Committee

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