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Protest in front of Pakistani consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, similar plan for Berlin!

June 26, 2012

Please see below a report from campaign supporters in Frankfurt, giving details of their protest at the Pakistani consulate in Frankfurt, Germany.

Von: “Jakob Schäfer” 
An: “Farooq” <>
Betreff: protest in front of consulate in Frankfurt
Datum: 25. Jun 2012 23:00

Dear Farooq,

Today we had a small demonstration in front of the Pakistani consulate in Frankfurt. We went into the building, had a long dispute on the handing over of our letter of protest and the open letter (both are attached here) while some comrades were demonstrating in front of the building. The activity lasted only for one hour, but a lot of Pakistani people that came by took our leaflets, so we hope, that there will be a certain effect.

Finally (after 40 minutes of disputing in the consulate) the deputy consul accepted to receive our two documents and he signed that he received them.

I also enclose three photos. A similar action will hopefully take place in Berlin at the embassy in the next days.

Farooq, can you tell me how we can get in touch with Pakistani people in the Frankfurt area that are at least sympathetic to TU-activity? We would like to involve them in similar actions in the future. That would be much more effective of course.


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