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6 more activists of Progressive Youth Front arrested in Karimabad

May 14, 2012

Today at around 6:30 PM, we received the news that six activists of the Progressive Youth Front were arrested by the police in Karimabad while they were pasting posters about Baba Jan.

Comrade Nasir has retained access to his phone and when contacted informed us that now the policemen are sitting there scratching their heads, not sure what to charge them with, since pasting posters is only prohibited when the infamous Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code is in force. This was not the case at the time the six activists were arrested. The policemen in Aliabad station admit frankly to the detained activists that they had to take action because they were ordered to by their superiors but they do not know what to charge them with.

Comrade Nasir strongly suspects that they will wake up tomorrow to find all manner of trumped-up charges brought against them. His summary: they’re out to crush us.

Friends, especially in the media, are requested to call the Aliabad police station and demand that the Station House Officer justify the detention of the six activists. Landline number of the Aliabad police station: +92-581-3930715. It might persuade the colonial apparatus to back down from such a blatant violation of freedom of expression.

Names of the arrested comrades: Nasir Ali (Baba Jan’s brother), Gohar Ayub, Gulbahar Shah, Akhtar Karim and Naseeruddin.

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