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Update: medical attention provided 12 days after torture

May 11, 2012

Comrades of the Progressive Youth Front (PYF) have just informed us that the Hunza Five finally received medical attention today, i.e., 12 days after being subjected to brutal torture by the police and paramilitary forces of the state.

The medical examination confirmed that Baba Jan has a broken finger. However, the PYF comrades sounded confident that now that treatment is being provided, their detained friends will recover from their injuries.

Baba Jan and his friends send revolutionary greetings and their deep appreciation to all the friends and supporters who took the time to sign the petition and send letters to Pakistani diplomatic missions abroad. Their understanding is that this tactic really helped to end their isolation and made the authorities wake up to the fact that people around the world were monitoring day-to-day developments in the case. Also, given the current scenario, the court and jail authorities might have found it hard to ignore the contempt of court petition filed on 9-May by the detainees’ advocate.

The appeal against the rejection of their bail is to be heard on Monday, 14th May, 2012. Readers are requested to ask their friends to sign the petition.

Meanwhile, there are plans afoot in Lahore for demonstrations over the weekend. Let us work together to build on this small victory and achieve the aims of the campaign:
– release of the five detainees
– dropping of all charges against them and all other residents of Aliabad for the rioting subsequent to the un-provoked killing of Afzal and Sher Ullah Baig
– publication of the judicial inquiry into the police murder of Afzal and Sher Ullah Baig
– payment of the promised compensation to the over 100 families, rendered homeless by the Attabad Lake disaster, whose names were mysteriously “disappeared” from the list of affectees and replaced with local favourites of the PPP

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